Robic SC 877 stopwatch

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The SC-877 offers world class timekeeping functions in a sleek and modern new form developed with comfort and ease of use in mind. 
Exclusively from Robic is the new SC-877 Complete Training Timer---the Stopwatch which passes the field with ease as the Best Choice for Track & Field, Swimming, Running, Tri-Athletics, Personal Training, Tabata, Cross-Fit and all Fitness programs. Benefit from the Powerful memory Stopwatch and Countdown timer for all Athletic and Fitness training. 

•180 Dual Memory recall capacity and a total reading capacity of 1000 times. 
•Use the memory without interrupting timing; memory is instant and complete. 
•Choose the current running Lap time or Split time in lower row of the display. 
•On Demand 180 Memory Recall of up to 3 timers, up to 1000 readings! 
•*Memory recall can be in ascending (1, 2, 3…) or descending (…3, 2, 1) order-selected by the user…exclusively from Robic. 
•1/100 second up to 60 minutes; 24 hour range. Lap Counter to 999 readings. 
•Fastest, Slowest and Average Lap time display recall, on demand. 
•Single, Double or Triple Countdown Timer with 1/10 second precision up to 24 hours 
•Program up to 3 countdown timers to operate independently or simultaneously, they can loop or sequence          through each time or stop at the end of the preset time. 
•Water resistant design. 
•Time of Day, Alarm and Calendar; Amber LED backlight for low light use. 
•One year factory warranty; Lithium battery CR-2032 Up to 180 Dual Memory Recall Capacity of the previous Lap and Cum Split readings, even while the stopwatch is running. There is no need to change modes when using the memory recall, so you can immediately take another time readings, even while reviewing the results.

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