RaideX Sisa chalk rubber marker

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Professional marker, usable for rubber surfaces.
Crayons based on paraffin waxes and paraffin oils.
High-quality pigments to achieve an excellent colour quality.
Marks exceptionally well on practically all surfaces, are colour-fast, smudge-proof, unbreakable and temperature resistant. The markings can be easily removed from smooth surfaces using cleaning spirit. A suitable holder can be supplied upon request.

Sisa chalks are used for marking products and packages, such as tyres, barrels, metals, drums, wheel rims, asphalt, wood, steel, stone, sheet steel, plastic, painted surfaces, glass, paper etc. in production facilities, workshops, warehouses and shipping halls.

Diameter: 17.5 mm
Weight: approx. 28 g

Amount package: 12 pcs. per box
Available colours: yellow, white, red, blue, green, orange, black and fluorescent pink

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