Grippaz Nitril skins gloves 246 OR

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M-Safe Grippaz 246OR Nitrile glove.


The gloves have a special compound organic formula that ensures that the gloves have a particularly high tear resistance and more durable in oily environments.

The gloves are reversible and therefore cost-effective.

The gloves are both on the inside and out side with a special (patented) scale structure which makes for an excellent dry and wet grip.

The gloves are 100% nitrile. This causes no problems in case of latex allergy and chemical and puncture resistant gloves are better than latex.

The gloves are ergonomically designed with a tight cuff around the wrist and beaded cuff. This beaded cuff makes donning and prevents tearing. In addition, these gloves be worn easily under oversleeves and about another an underglove/lining.

The gloves have a better fit than traditional household gloves and are very comfortable by the stretch formula.

The gloves achieving level five when it comes to dexterity and tensile strength.

These gloves are ideal for the car industry, mechanics, engineers, agricultural and horticultural, Assembly and general use.

Not powdered glove.

Thickness: 0.15 mm (6 mil).

Length: 24 cm. AQL 1.5 (EN 374).

50 pieces in dispenser.

Color: Orange.

This glove is compliant with the following standards: EN 374.

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