Edding 8750 Industry Paint marker

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edding 8750 industry paint marker – heavy industry’s highlight

Where engines run and heavy machinery is at use, oily, greasy and soiled surfaces cannot always be avoided. Luckily the edding 8750 industry paint marker is well prepared for that – its highly permanent and very resistant ink marks those surfaces in oil, metal and other heavy industries.

The bright and very opaque colours are ideal for dark surfaces. The ink is not only resistant against many external influences, but also heat-resistant up to 300 °C. A perfect solution for marking under tough conditions.

  • round nib 2-4 mm
  • oiliness
  • highly opaque
  • shake and pump
  • aluminium barrel
  • extra permanent
  • tires
  • metal
  • glass
  • plastic
  • dry wood
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