Edding 8050 Tyre marker

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edding 8050 tyre marker – a permanent tool for tyre changes

From large car dealerships to your own garage, twice a year seasonal changes take place which affect everyone. Summer or Winter tyres need replacement. To avoid confusion while immediately spotting the right set, it is essential to mark them clearly. For that purpose edding developed the waterproof, highly opaque 8050 tyre marker which writes perfectly on all rubber materials.

The permanent, quick-drying ink comes in white for high visibility on dark tyres. In addition, it is wear-resistant and extremely lightfast, making the edding 8050 tyre marker a vital tool in the hands of anyone working with tyres or rubber materials, be it a car mechanic or DIY car owner.

  • round nib 2-4 mm
  • tires
  • permanent
  • shake and pump
  • aluminium barrel
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