Ahcon Wheelax Wheel Trolley Off Road / one locking caster

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Wheel Trolley Off Road is with a diameter of 700 mm ideal for loading and transportation of medium-sized wheels and tyres.

In other words the Wheel Trolley Off Road is suitable for the transportation of normal car wheels, van wheels and 4x4 wheels.

Wheel Trolley Off Road is fitted with extra-large casters, making the transport on uneven surfaces easier - for instance across courtyards etc.

The orange colour really makes the Wheel Trolley Off Road lighten up in the workshops.

It is completely indispensable in handling and transporting medium-sized tires around the workshop.

Wheel Trolley Off Road trolley has the same qualities as its smaller and larger brothers:

Storage of wheels during mechanical work
Transport of wheels from auto lift to tire changers or to tire shelves
Storage of customer wheels when changing from summer to winter tires or vice versa
The Wheel Trolley Off Road is designed for either 8 tires or 4 complete wheels and has a load capacity of 180 kg/ 400 lbs.



-Transporting tires the easy way
-Can increase technician productivity and shop efficiency
-Promotes safety and decreases injuries.
-Easy transport on uneven surfaces

 one locking caster

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