Ahcon BBRT 900 XL

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BBRT XL is the most advanced model of our ergonomic tire pressurers. The model basically has the same construction as the BBRT 900 - but the BBRT 900 XL differs by being suitable for extra wide rims. The machine releases the tire on the horizontal joint and can be used for PV, VV and 4X4 wheels - including wheels with extra wide rims. The horizontal release pressure gives far less pressure damage to rims and ensures a much better working position compared to the use of traditional vertical tire release presses. On an equal footing with the BBRT 900, this model has the following features: A magic arm that provides resistance to alloy wheels and a tool rack on the right side of the machine. In addition, the BBRT 900 XL is equipped with a large front panel and side panels on both sides, which give it an exclusive look. Like all our tire pressurers, the BBRT 900 XL includes a wheel turning plate, with which the wheel can easily be turned 180 degrees without lifting it. In this way, the fitter is offered the most ergonomic working method when he has to release tire pressure. BBRT 900 XL has 2 height settings of the wheel. For optimal use of the machine, it is connected with AHCON Trolley lift or Wheel Trolley Easy Lift.



  • Suitable for extra wide rims
  • Horizontal tire release and thus little damage to rims
  • High level of ergonomics without manual heavy lifting
  • Mounted with magic arm to support alloy rims
  • Also equipped with tool rack


Max. Wheel diameter: 850 mm
Height: 1, 430 mm
Width: 780 mm
Depth: 1,300 mm
Max. Wheel height: 385 mm
Max. Rim width: 14"
Max. Wheel width; 385 mm
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